Tuk Tuk Sri Lankan 3wheel Game - Free Download

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Tuk Tuk Sri Lankan 3wheel Game - Free Download

Postby admin on Tue Jun 17, 2008 5:27 am

Finally someone's got a bright idea and developed a crude (but healthy attempt) flash game involving trishaws and full on singhala effects and baila music. The player has a top veiw of the road and controls the three wheeler using the arrow keys. You score points mainly on how long you keep your taxi on the road and when you pick up passengers, who are inconviniently strewn across the roads, so plenty of opportunity for illegal overtaking and driving on the wrong side of the road remember though there is a' HIRE' status bar that reduces if you don't pick up hires and that would literally put you out off business. And be warned, if you hit another vehical you will be insulted in Singhala. The game also includes police chases, up tempo baila and traffic speeds up atevery new level.

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